Boaz van Doornik’s floral rucksack

A tribute to nature and his father

He graduated from the Textiles and Fashion course at  ArtEZ University of the Arts in June 2016 with a breathtaking tribute to nature, and promptly won an Italian Mittelmoda Fashion Award and the International Youth Designer Competition 2016 in Beijing, China with it. Meet Boaz van Doornik.

With no lesser personage than Dutch designer Hans Ubbink being photographed by Volkskrant Magazine with Boaz’s floral rucksack, he tells us about the motivations behind his collection.

Boaz van Doornik’s floral rucksack Boaz van Doornik

Boaz explains that his collection is inspired by nature, where he spent a lot of time with his father when he was young. As they wandered through the woods together, his father told him all about wild flowers and plants. His father even had good things to say about plants that most people think little of, like stinging nettles and hogweed. Boaz’s father died number of years ago. Boaz designed his graduation collection as a tribute to him, nature and the lovely memories of his childhood. A men’s collection with eye-catching prints of ferns, graphic flowers, plants as accessories and - the standout item as far as we’re concerned - a rucksack made of real flowers. It looks like the flowers have been freshly gathered from nature and popped in the rucksack.

Obivously Boaz has some baggage to carry in his rucksack following the death of his father. He expresses his baggage in flowers. A rucksack full of flowers, full of beautiful memories, which have been immortalised in his collection.

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