Botanical prints on the wall

Enjoy the outdoor life indoors as well

Instead of digging around in the soil, we’re going to splash around wallpaper paste. A botanical print on your wall transforms your home into an atmospheric wilderness in an instant, enabling you to enjoy the outdoor life indoors as well.  A botanical print looks so good in your home that you would think it had been made specifically for that purpose. But actually there’s a lot more to it.  

Capturing in an illustration

Botanical prints were not originally designed to brighten up your wall, but were intended to record the available knowledge concerning flowers and plants. The drawing shows precisely how the plant is - or was - constructed. By placing them next to today’s plants, we can see how the plant has changed over time. Sometimes the prints still allow us to discover new facts about plants.

Structure of the illustration

A really good botanical illustration is always highly detailed, right down to the hairs, and to scale. Everything is completely scientifically correct. You can see the plant from the front, from the back and often also in cross-section. You can even travel through the seasons to see how the plant looks at certain times of year. It’s a treasure trove of information about a plant.

Botanische prints aan de muur

Must-have for your home

So you REALLY need one of these illustrations in your home. Quickly create your own plant wall! You can find colourful botanical wallpaper at Decorators Best. And Radiance, Cole & Son and Sanderson will set your heart coveting with their sober yet fabulous wallpapers. You can find amazing posters at and AllPosters.

Place a large pot with a real plant in front of it, paint the floor white for a super-relaxed effect, and enjoy Nature 2.0. The paper on which the botanical print is printed is made of wood, so it’s really a double dose of nature. The perfect outdoors indoors!

Botanische prints aan de muur