Discover how A.P Bloem makes a still life with flowers

Create his signature piece yourself, in your own home

Flowers, like paintings, are perfect for telling a story. So what if we combine the worlds of flowers and painting and create a floral creation that looks like it came straight out of a painting?

Floral Artist Alexander from A.P Bloem shares how to make his signature piece, a floral still life, yourself. With the help of his step-by-step plan, you will create a still life that will make you fall silent with awe.

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Floral Artist A.P Bloem

Alexander has a great passion for floral art and owns full-service florist A.P Bloem in the heart of Amsterdam. Alexander and his international team of artists, designers and photographers create flowers for every style and occasion. It is his goal to tell a story with every floral creation and he wants to inspire customers to do the same, using the wonderful world of flowers. 


Just like painters, florists have their own signature. So do you! And the beauty of this flower still life is that you can turn it into an authentic showpiece that's entirely to your own taste. Will you choose flowers in bright colours or will you keep it quiet and serene? And do you make a still life for yourself, or do you dedicate it to someone you love? As Alexander says: "Everyone can make a still life. It is all about the story you want to tell and the moment you want to tell it.


  • Biodegradable floral foam (oasis)
  • Flat moss
  • A vase or pot that matches the still life you have in mind
  • Flowers of your choice with long stems, such as hydrangea, dahlia, tulip, eremurus, sandersonia, gloriosa, wisteria, sunflower and peony
  • Flowers of your choice with stems that are sturdy and easy to cut short, such as chrysanthemum, rose and rhodondendron

Tip: use as few flowers with straight stems as possible. Choose flowers with sinuous, winding stems. This gives more character to your still life.

how to make it

Step 1

Put the organic floral foam in your vase. Surround the floral foam with flat moss, so that nothing of the foam remains visible.

Step 2

Start with the basics: use the larger flowers to set out the lines for your still life. Supplement the whole with refined, smaller flowers. Create a fuller and more complete whole, flower by flower. 

Stand back from the still life from time to time and watch the flowers come together. Turn the vase around so that you can see the creation from all sides. This way you can easily see where there are still 'bare spots' in your showpiece or where flowers might get in each other's way. Is the still life in balance? Are you satisfied? Does it tell the story you want to tell?

Step 3

Satisfied with the result? Then give your still life a nice spot in your home, where it will fully come into its own. Give the piece some space and make it a real still life by placing items that support the flower arrangement around it. Or give it as a gift and put a genuine smile on the face of a loved one.

We would love it if you shared your creation with the hashtags #funnyhowflowersdothat and #floralsignatures via Instagram or Facebook. 

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