DIY: beautiful Easter wreath with dried flowers

A long-lasting celebratory floral wreath for spring

Welcome yourself and your guests this Easter in style with a beautiful Easter wreath! You can make it in both large and small styles, so it's perfect for both your front door and for your Easter table. Thanks to the dried flowers, you can also enjoy the wreath after Easter, so feel free to leave it on display.

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An Easter wreath with dried flowers and eggs creates the ultimate springlike feeling wherever it's hung. Place the wreath on your front door and give your guests (and yourself!) a warm welcome into yuor home, or hang it on the wall for a cheerful Easter atmosphere in your living room or kitchen. It can also be fun to put your homemade wreath on the dining table as a radiant centrepiece and, for extra atmosphere, add candles.

Once Easter is over, simply remove the fake Easter eggs from the wreath and you'll be able to enjoy it for months to come, thanks to its hardy nature. Read our instructions, grab your supplies and get started on this Easter DIY sooner rather than later!

for a large easter wreath, you will need:

  • Dried flowers and grasses. We used Helipterum (sunflower), gypsophila, solidago, avena (oat), Massasa, limonium and Phalaris (canary grass) 
  • Fake eggs to add to the wreath 
  • Iron wire
  • A round frame (we used a basic wreath made of straw)
  • Ribbon or tape (to hang the wreath)

how to make a large easter wreath

  1. Collect the dried flowers and fake eggs you want to use for the wreath. You can buy dried flowers at the garden centre, the florist or online. Tip: work within a colour scheme. Think about the colours you want to use for your wreath and find the prettiest dried flowers to match.
  2. Stick the dried flowers into the frame one by one or fix them to your frame with fine wire. Also add some fake eggs to the frame in the desired spots. 
  3. Continue doing this until the frame is no longer visible and you are happy with the result. 
  4. Hang the Easter wreath on your front door or in another spot of your choice with the ribbon or tape.
mini eierkrans paaskrans droogbloemen | mooiwatbloemendoen

for miniature wreaths to present your breakfast eggs, you will need:

  • Flowers and grasses. We used Helipterum (sunflower), gypsophila, solidago, avena (oats), Massasa, limonium, Phalaris (canary grass) and thyme. 
  • Iron wire
  • Scissors
  • Base of durable oasis or spaghnum moss in chicken wire 
  • Egg cups
  • Boiled eggs

how to make miniature egg wreaths

  1. Collect the dried flowers you want to use for the wreaths. 
  2. Use wire or chicken wire to make a small frame for your egg cups that is just big enough to hold your them.
  3. Insert the dried flowers piece by piece into the frame or secure them with fine wire. Continue this until your frame is no longer visible and you are happy with the result.
  4. Boil the eggs for your guests and put the mini Easter wreaths on the Easter table to put the boiled eggs in. Enjoy!

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