Hang a floral fairytale on the wall

Turn your life into a fairytale, and hang out the streamers both literally and figuratively. Build an enchanting world in which everything is allowed and where you can immerse yourself in your richest fantasies. Make it magical with dark purple, delicate pink, subtle patterns and exciting greenery. Hang your handmade fairytale floral curtain on the wall, or use it as a room divider that offers exciting peepholes. 



You can probably find a rugged branch in the woods to use once it’s dry. Screw hooks into it from which you will hang the curtain later. Hammer small nails into the side of the branch that is not on display. You can attach the strings to these. Alternatively you can secure them with staples or strong glue. Vary the length of the strings in order to achieve a more exciting effect. Then use a glue gun to attach the most stunning flowers in your favourite colours. Vanda and Euphorbia are very suitable for this. Use as many flowers as you need to enter your dreamworld.