Floral signature: a sculptural centrepiece

Kasia Borowiecka's floral signature

Sometimes, you want nothing more than a floral arrangement which makes a statement. That's what London-based floral designer Kasia Borowiecka specialises in. With influences from ikebana, the centuries-old Japanese art of arranging flowers which roughly translates to 'making flowers come alive', her floral centrepieces are striking to behold.

Here, Kasia Borowiecka explains her design process behind creating a sculptural floral centrepiece. With her tips and tricks, you'll be inspired to create your own ikebana-inspired floral arrangement of your own with a deft, decisive touch.

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THE FLORAL ARTIST Kasia Borowiecka

Kasia Borowiecka is a floral artist who set up Cosmos&Plum, a London based floral design studio. She works with flowers in all kinds of creative scenarios, including video, still life photography, sculpture and installation. Her arrangements are striking and full of interesting angles and shapes, something she says is a focus of her work. She likes to use seasonal flowers and fruit in her centrepieces.


CREATE YOUR OWN ikebana-inspired sculptural centrepiece

To create your own version of Kasia's bold floral arrangements, it's all about placing flowers with intention to create fascinating shapes and juxtapositions within the piece. Work with the angles and shapes of the flowers you have, and don't be afraid to try combinations or colours that you wouldn't usually try. Ikebana uses carefully selected blooms and branches to convey a specific emotion to the person seeing the bouquet, so why not try channeling your feelings into your flowers?



  • Pruning shears
  • A vase that matches the design you have in mind with plenty of space to arrange your flowers
  • Flower frog or tape 
  • An assortment of flowers - Kasia used tulips, poppies, Sandersonia, flame lily, mini Alliums and orchids
  • An assortment of fruit such as grapes, kumquats and grapefruit

how to make it

Step 1
Place the flower frog in your vase, or make a grid with any kind of tape across the lip of your vase or pot so that the flowers have a support system and won't move once you've placed them.


Step 2
Start placing your flowers in a specific way. Kasia advises thinking about triangles to start creating a sculptural shape in your arrangement.


Step 3
Continue placing your flowers. Consider the lines that longer and shorter stems make and try to have a balance in lengths and placements. Once the base shape of your ikebana-inspired floral centrepiece is created, think about adding more textures and interest to your arrangement with additional blooms.


Step 4
Once your centrepiece is complete and in place on a table or a sideboard, arrange fruits around the base of the vase to extend the presence of your centrepiece creation.


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