Flowers on holiday

How to feel at home anywhere

Here’s a sunny fact: flowers also bring joy when you’re away from home. Because they lend a bit of character to that slightly too stark apartment with its bare balcony. Lingering homesickness is also eased by some local floral beauties in a vase (or whatever comes to hand). That way you’ll feel at home in your holiday home. Here are some suggestions for flowers on holiday.

Flowers on holiday

You know the feeling: you open the door of the holiday rental that will be your home for the next two weeks and your heart sinks. The furnishings are very … practical. The answer is to unpack your suitcase and seek out the nearest florist for a happy holiday bouquet. Be seduced by the local offering and choose something to match your holiday mood: the blue of the sky, the gold of the sun or the green of a mountain meadow. 

And at a campsite or hotel? 

Flowers can lend an extra touch to your holiday at a campsite or hotel too. You could place some loose flowers in empty bottles or glasses on a table in front of your tent or camper van. Or use your washing line creatively. You can also display a bouquet in a measuring jug or thermos flask. With a bit of luck it will also attract butterflies or the nice guy from the pitch over the way. If you prefer to holiday in a hotel, a mini-bouquet in a glass on your bedside table transforms an impersonal hotel room into a home from home. 

And when you get home again ... 

When you return from your holiday, you can hang on to that relaxed holiday feeling with the home version of your hotel, holiday home or campsite bouquet. Don’t forget to give one to the plant sitter as well to thank them for their efforts - that way you can share the holiday vibe. It’s amazing what you can do with flowers. 

Which flowers are in your ultimate holiday bouquet? Share your photo or the flower names on Facebook. Enjoy your holiday!