Join in with Lonely Bouquet Day

Get a passer-by to smile

US expat Emily Avenson is the owner of a Fleuropean, a cut flower garden in Belgium. As well as this, she's also the creator of The Lonely Bouquet Day, a moment for strangers to share happiness with flowers. Her idea is beautifully simple: place flowers in a pot or a vase of water on the street, hang a card on them with the message “take me with you”, and leave these for a passer-by to discover. The lonely bouquet is sure to make them smile.

Lonely Bouquet Day -

Flowers around the world

Emily has spread happiness with flowers in places like San Francisco and Malibu in the States, and Cologne, Ghent and Maastricht in Europe. When she asked her network to join in with the Lonely Bouquet Day, the gesture took off. In Mexico, South Africa, England and Australia, people began to discover bouquets and share their happy finds online. This year, add your community to the list by taking part in Lonely Bouquet Day on Sunday 28th June.

Join in

First of all, sign up for notifications about the day on The Lonely Bouquet Facebook page. Here, you'll also find example texts to inspire your 'take me with you' note. You can also follow the event on Twitter @LonelyBouquet and on Instagram with the handle @thelonelybouquet. If you spot or adopt a Lonely Bouquet yourself, then share your discovery on The Lonely Bouquet website.

Send us a photo

We'd love to see what your Lonely Bouquet looks like or what kind of bouquet you have found. Please upload a photo on our Facebook page. We wish you a lovely day this Sunday!