Meet: le Monsieur Plant

Dreamer with a passion for plants and flowers

Christophe Guinet was born in Paris and grew up both in the big city and in the countryside. This gave him a love for both nature and urban culture. Nowadays he lives in Marseille, and is better known as le Monsieur Plant: a creative spirit who combines the transient world of plants with everyday products.

Think Nature

The artistic process behind his installations and artworks is characterised by refined precision, a philosophical approach and respect for nature. Natural cycles and overconsumption are themes that often recur in his work. For example, by covering a Nike shoe with flowers and using it as a plant holder, he wants to prompt the viewer to think and talk about the unnatural drive for novelty in capitalist products, as well as the beauty of what already exists. This is the mantra that Christophe Guinet wants to spread: Think Nature!

More Messieurs

We met him during Exposé En Route, and made a video in which he talks about his work. Bonus: you also get to meet Noam Levy of The Green Factory and perfume designer Barnabé Fillion.

Monsieur PlantMonsieur PlantMonsieur PlantMonsieur PlantMonsieur Plant