Men & flowers: is it a match?

Here's what the research says
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Women and flowers are a classic combination. For a birthday, a special occasion, a declaration of love or just doesn't really matter why and when you give her flowers, because they'll always be a hit. But what about the relationship between men and flowers? Here's what recent research* tells us.

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Research* shows that flowers are the number one gift to give to women with 49% opting for blooms, followed by perfume and chocolate. However, flowers are not in the top 10 gifts for men. Gift cards, liquor, clothes, books and electronic devices are given most often to men. Yet we believe that flowers and men can be a dream combination. 


The results above are probably no surprise to you, but that doesn't mean they aren't remarkable! The same research* shows that no less than 41% of men like to receive flowers from a woman, and around a quarter of the same men like to receive flowers from another man as a present. Moreover, 22% of men buy flowers for themselves at least once a month. And not only that, it appears that men, just like women, become genuinely happy when in possession of flowers. They experience positive feelings such as happiness, appreciation and love when they receive a bouquet as a present. 


If men love flowers more than we might expect, why is it that we rarely give them a beautiful bouquet? The answer seems to lie simply in our expectations. We think that men prefer to receive something else as a gift and that they will not appreciate flowers as a gift.


The fact that giving flowers to men is a taboo that is being broken more and more often is apparent from this research*. Almost half of the respondents think it is a thing of the past that flowers are a 'woman thing'. In addition, four out of 10 respondents agree with the statement that giving flowers to men was previously taboo, but that this is changing. Another third indicated that they would like to see more media attention for men and flowers. In short: men and flowers are a better match than we thought. So what are you waiting for? Surprise a male loved one with happiness on stems!

*Background information: the study into the relationship between men and flowers was carried out by Motivaction, commissioned by Bloemenbureau Holland. The research took place in July and August 2021. It involved a representative sample of a total of 5393 consumers aged between 18 and 70 in the Netherlands, Germany, the United Kingdom and France.

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