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We've used our expertise to deduce the biggest trends in plants and flowers for 2024. Let us show you how you can get inspired by what's new and fresh to create a stylish home and garden that suits you down to the ground. Encompassing use of colour, different types of flowers and plants and decorative design details, read on, get inspired and discover your favourite trend!

bloemen en plantentrends 2024
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The global mood, current events and the cultural temperature all affect what's trending. This is especially true of events that can affect humanity negatively, such as climate change, war and inflation. We've parsed the emotions and reactions to what's happening in the world right now and extrapolated the four leading trends of 2024:

  1. Meaningful Earth: conscious and eco-friendly actions to improve our living environment. Earthy, authentic and eco-friendly are keywords that fit this trend.
  2. Viva la Vida: there's a movement towards positivity and celebrating life. This translates to a colourful, exuberant and cheerful trend.
  3. Gentle Paradox: this trend encompasses the juxtaposition of having a myriad of opportunities while feeling powerless to act on them. Keywords like contrasting and dreamy describe this trend best.
  4. Playful Construction: consider looking at the world from a different perspective and thinking outside of the box. Think: playful, original and colourful.

Are you curious about how these trends translate into interiors, plants and flowers, and how you can incorporate them into your life? Read on and get inspired! 

trend 1: meaningful earth

trend meaningful earth moodboard

meaningful earth: colours, shapes and materials

One look is all it takes to know that the earth is the inspiration for this trend. Meaningful Earth manifests itself in the use of earthy colours, such as shades of green and brown and terracotta. We see these colours not only in furniture and accessories, but also on walls.

"Create a 'primal interior' full of rough, tough materials that link us to our roots"

The materials used in this trend are natural, chunky, recycled and eco-friendly. Think stone tables, ceramic vases, hanging pots made of coconuts and furniture made of recycled leather. The shapes are natural and have an untouched look, rough, coarse, irregular and often handmade. 

trend meaningful earth vaas met bloemen aards
meaningful earth | cryptanthus | hoya | oxalis
trend bloemen | scabiosa | frittillaria | lisianthus | ranonkel
scabiosa aardse vazen | meaningful earth trend

meaningful earth: flowers and plants

Flowers to match to this trend are dark (such as purple), or contrastingly light (such as soft yellow and salmon). Bouquets are not neatly arranged, but have a robust, casual, natural look. As for indoor plants, you will see a lot of bulbous plants with dark green or reddish-brown leaves. Plant pots with an earthy look, where the soil is visible, also typify this trend. Both indoors and out, everything should be as natural as possible - no raked borders but playful, natural-looking planters or pots with alternating grasses and flowering plants.

Meaningful Earth flowers: scabiosa, lily, tulip, anthurium
Meaningful Earth houseplanting: wood sorrel, begonia, pothos, Chinese money plant, orchid 
Meaningful Earth garden: alumroot, clematis, fern, grasses

Bloemen die passen bij Meaningful Earth: scabiosa, lelie, tulp, anthurium, anigozanthos, kievietsbloem en ranonkel
Kamerplanten die passen bij Meaningful Earth: oxalis, begonia, scindapsus, pannenkoekplant, orchidee, kievietsbloem en cambria
Tuinplanten die passen bij Meaninful Earth: purperklokje, clematis, varen en grassen

trend 2: Viva la vida

bloemen en plantentrends 2024

There's enough going on in the world to feel miserable about. Why not focus on the joy instead? The Viva la Vida trend expresses this feeling: cheerful, exuberant, full of passion, colour and expression. Warm, exuberant colours such as pink, red, orange and bright yellow dominate this trend.

"Forget minimalism and go for colourful details, designs, mosaics, tiles, tassels and fringes"

Furniture and accessory shapes are calm and unobtrusive, with colourful details bringing a striking look to objects. Patterned pots, mosaic vases, wicker baskets, cushions with tassels, frays, fringes or ruffles - anything which could induce happiness and joy in yourself and those around you are a great fit for Viva la Vida.

viva la vida trend bloemen | zonnebloem
pachira in rieten mand
trend bloemen | tulpen in vaas
kleurrijke tuinplanten | trend viva la vida


Colour is also the key word for flowers and bouquets. Bouquets in this trend are exuberant, colourful and festive. Whether it is a voluminous bouquet or just one eye-catching stem, flowers cheerfully display their splendour from a colourful vase or bowl. As for indoor plants, we see many jaunty flowering houseplants in colourful pots. Tropical garden plants and climbers provide floral confetti outdoors and add a touch of romance to any garden or outdoor space. 

Viva la Vida flowers: tulip, sunflower, lily, gerbera, chrysanthemum and snapdragon.
Viva la Vida houseplants: pachira, calla lily, strelitzia, cacti, flame lily and asparagus fern.
Viva la Vida garden plants: clematis, citrus, gerbera, honeysuckle, bougainvillea and primula.

trend 3: gentle paradox

gentle paradox trend bloemen planten 2024

Contrasts are very prevalent in society currently, and this clearly shows in the Gentle Paradox trend. This trend is all about contrast. Hard and smooth materials alternate with soft structures, as if trying to soften the harsh reality of the world. Materials such as marble, concrete, ceramic and natural stone are combined with high-pile carpets and soft textiles.

"Go for neutral colours, round shapes and combine hard materials with soft textures"

Furniture and accessories have a soft feel thanks to round and convex shapes, but can be unexpectedly harsh in material. The colour palette of this trend exudes tranquillity and harmony. Neutral colours and pastel shades are interspersed with shades of green from flowers and plants.

boeket blauwe distel en ranonkel | bloemen trend
trend bloemen en planten | hangplant | grassen | asparagus
boeket trend ranonkel gipskruid | boeket trend
anthurium roze paars | varen adiantum

Flowers in light pastel shades soften interiors. Bouquets are dreamy and more often than not contain dried flowers. Soft is also the key word for houseplants, with plants bringing softness with their shape, leaves or through subtle colour gradients. The contrast between hard and soft is also visible when it comes to garden plants. Think of compact, sturdy plants combined with soft, waving plumes of grasses. 

Gentle Paradox flowers: blue thistle, rose, ranunculus, gypsophila, lisianthus, anthurium, chrysanthemum, snapdragon, campanula 
Gentle Paradox houseplants: fern adiantum, asparagus fern, bulbous cacti, sinningia, hydrangea and succulents
Gentle Paradox garden plants: outdoor grasses, hydrangea, lilac, clematis and eucalyptus

trend 4: Playful construction

trend playful construction | bloemen trend 2024

Global crisis brings change and calls for reform. We're looking at the world through different perspectives, meaning experimentation, creativity and thinking out of the box.. This is expressed in the Playful Construction trend. Varying shapes (from circular to angular), materials (plastic, glass and metal) and use of colour (from bright colours to pastels and greys), everything can and may well be combined in this trend.

Surprising, playful combinations of materials and colours create a new perspective’

Objects are smooth, ribbed or puckered and look original and constructive. It seems as if they were made to play and experiment with. The designs in this trend are limited to stripes, checks, ridges and circles. 

delphinium | gerbera | trend bloemen 2024
trend bloemen 2024 | anthurium | interieurtrend
trend planten playful construction
kamerplanten trend 2024 | playful construction

Bouquets and vases are original and playful. For example, we see loose stems in colourful vases with surprising circular shapes. Indoor plants also deviate from the standard. No standard plant pot on the floor in the corner, but eye-catching plants in unexpected places, such as plants hanging from the ceiling or tropical flowering plants placed on pillars. We also see a variety of plants of different shapes, heights and colours outdoors. Think of cheerfully exotic garden plants, tall grasses and low-growing plants. 

Playful Construction flowers: anthurium, gerbera, viburnum, delphinium, orchid, craspedia, carnation and allium
Playful Construction houseplants: orchid, spider plant, bromeliad, alocasia, tillandsia and phalaenopsis
Playful Construction garden plants: lampshade grass, pincushion protea, grasses, neckweed, curcuma and yarrow


We'd love to know your thoughts on our 2024 flower and plants trends! Share it with us on Instagram, using the hashtag #funnyhowflowersdothat! Looking for more inspiration to create a trendy green home? Check out these practical tips and DIYs and go from drab to green.