National Gallery Installation: Before & After

See what went into making this incredible installation

During the Summer of 2016, we created a floral masterpiece of epic proportions in London's Trafalgar Square.  Our beautiful 35-square metre living painting, a recreation of Bosschaert's A Still Life of Flowers in a Wan-Li Vase was on display for 5 days in June. So much went into this exciting project - we were thrilled with the results and hope you managed to see it too! Read on to see what went on behind the scenes and the photos of the finished creation. 


It took almost 30 florists working for two days straight, 100 blocks of Oasis florist's foam, nearly 30,000 flower stems of 26 different varieties in 37 different colours to recreate Bosschaert's Dutch masterpiece, A Still Life of Flowers in a Wan-Li Vase. The installation stood 8.2m from the ground - the equivalent height of two double decker buses!


At dawn on Thursday 2 June, our fresh flower installation was complete. The flowers in Bosschaert’s arrangement is painted with almost scientific precision. His masterpiece is a work of fiction since most of the flowers featured wouldn't have bloomed at the same time, which is also we felt we could use some many different varieties to bring his masterpiece to life.  We used 6 varieties of tulips, 4 varieties of peonies, 3 varieties of carnations, 6 varieties of freesias, 6 varieties of calla lilies, and 5 varieties of roses. As well as early morning replenishments of fresh flowers, the large structure also had a built-in water irrigation system to help keep the blooms fresh until the very last day. We wished that we could keep it up there forever!


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