New London pop-up Maison St-Germain – an interview with the creators

Everything from the colour to the smell to the feeling comes from flowers

This weekend sees the opening of the latest pop-up to hit London - Maison St-Germain. Positioned in the heart of Soho, it’s an incredible space designed to show off every element of the floral experience – beauty, taste, aroma and style. 

It’s been created by the elderflower infused liquor St-Germain, and the space has been designed by new kids on the block floral studio June in March. With more to come in other cities across the world, we went down to check it out and find out more from the creators themselves.

The first thing you see when you approach the townhouse is an incredible floral façade, created using green leaves and white flowers, with just touches of blue to make it pop with intrigue. While it’s the first thing you see, it was actually the final piece created by Emily Baylis, owner of June in March. “It’s the thing people notice immediately from the outside, so it had to be special.”

A treat for all the senses

Walking through the heavy doors it really does immerse you in another world. There are flowers everywhere the eye can see, with low lighting and small corners full of people sampling cocktails, chatting and touching the flowers to find out more. “St-Germaine is the world’s first elderflower liquor and has a truly authentic taste as it is made using only fresh flowers, up to 1,000 per bottle. Only using fresh means we have to harvest only when they bloom, 2-3 days a year. It’s important to us that everything from the colour to the smell to the feeling comes from those flowers.” Camille Ralph Vidal, Global Brand Ambassador for St-Germain explained to us. “We wanted others to know that story and really experience the world of St-Germain.”

When discussing her inspiration behind the incredible displays of flowers and foliage, Baylis’ face lit up. “I had the complete freedom to do what I love best, bringing flowers into a home and making it beautiful. For me it’s all about celebrating nature. Totally natural flowers, lots of greenery, and I don’t worry about perfection, I want to create things that mirror the look and feel of a forest floor.”

Flowers add real flavour

While the look and feel of the place is truly wonderful, this is London so the cocktails need to be right, but you’re in luck on that front. The main bar is serving a ‘St-Germain Cocktail’, made from St-Germain, dry sparkling wine, sparkling water and served over ice with a twist. It’s beautiful and light, with the elderflower being the real star. If you’re in the mood for something a little punchier, there is a second bar hidden in the building serving some alternatives, including one with tequila, another that is a take on the classic Negroni, and a final drink that pays homage to the bees that are so essential to flowers, using a wax infused whiskey. “There is often a misconception flowers are going to make your drink soapy or too floral, so we wanted to show they can add real flavor and be more than just a garnish,” Vidal commented.

It’s well worth a visit if you’re in town this weekend. It’s not just cocktails either, they’ve got lots of experiences happening and you even take a bouquet away with you. As Vidal says herself “it’s not VIP, it’s open to everyone to come in, have a cocktail on us and experience it for themselves.” Can’t say fairer than that.

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Maison St Germain is running now until 27-Saturday July 29, noon to 8pm, at 2 Soho Square, W1D 3PX. Admission is free, with two free drink tokens per guest.