Floral moths in your vase

Phalaenopsis is one of the many members of the orchid family Orchidaceae. This beauty is also known as the moth orchid (can you guess how it got that name?).



The Phalaenopsis can have many small flowers, or alternatively flowers with a diameter of over 10 cm. They all have five petals and a ‘lip’ in the middle. This brightly coloured lip serves as a landing strip for insects heading for the innermost part of the flower. A very fine piece of natural architecture! You can encounter Phalaenopsis in white, lilac, bright pink, salmon pink and yellow. And the plant is more than happy to offer petals with stripes or spots.


All orchid symbolises pure friendship. And we’re sure you will become good friends with a vase filled with floral moths, making it an ideal gift for someone else or for yourself.


In the wild Phalaenopsis grows on trees and rocks in the tropical rainforests in Asia and Australia. In the 18th century the flower was spotted by explorers with a keen eye for aesthetics, and the rest is history. Nowadays, the flower is an essential part of our daily life. Which is hardly surprising - after all, who doesn’t love the Phalaenopsis?


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