A poetic bouquet for Valentine's Day

A heartwarming gift

Are you planning to surprise your crush or partner with a Valentine's Day bouquet that has that little something extra? Discover this romantic bouquet and show your beloved exactly how thoughtful you are with the addition of a poem. Read on and get inspired!

boeket en gedicht valentijnsdag | cadeau valentijnsdag
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Why choose a bouquet made from pretty but random flowers when you could give your valentine a symbolic, meaningful one? Give your loved one the gift of explaining exactly why all of the flowers in this bouquet are so packed with meaning. They'll be impressed with your knowledge about the symbolism of flowers!

This Valentine's bouquet contains a mix of flowers including lisianthusrose and waxflower. The delicate lisianthus represents appreciation and affection and has a subtle, sweet fragrance. The red rose is of course a timeless symbol of love and romance and adds a touch of passion to your bouquet. Waxflower represents everlasting beauty and love that keeps on growing, season after season. Above all, choose your valentine's favourite flowers or those that match your feelings in terms of symbolism.


You can give your Valentine's bouquet a loving and thoughtful finishing touch by adding a poem or personal note. Follow your feelings and write down what your heart tells you. A handwritten letter will make your gift even more personal. Need inspiration for a heartwarming Valentine's Day poem? We'll give you a hand!

If softness was weakness 
Our love would not blossom 
And flowers would not grow 

Softness is a strength 
An art that flowers understand 
Dare to be with me 
To be soft and vulnerable 
Then our love will endure and grow

romantisch boeket valentijnsdag | cadeau valentijn

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With a bouquet in one hand and a poem in the other, you're on track to make your loved one happy if their love language is words of affirmation! Not sure if that's the correct love language for your boo? Discover the different love languages to give your sweetheart a Valentine's Day they'll never forget. Don't forget to follow us on PinterestInstagram and Facebook for your daily dose of floral inspiration!  

Happy Valentine's Day!