Pop-up flowers: surprise with flowers in unexpected places

Think outside the vase

We need more flowers. They put a big smile on our face, provide a lovely atmosphere in our homes and make us feel better (according to research*). So think outside the box — or vase — when it comes to decorating your home with flowers. Surprise yourself and your family with pop-up flowers in special places.

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Flower gifts for en route

We've all had flowers in a vase, on a pillow or in our hair before, but how about flowers between the wheel spokes of your bike? Every car drive becomes much more fun with a small bouquet under the windscreen wipers. It'll mean even the supermarket run is carried out with a smile.

Inside jokes

Flowers can also make an appearance indoors. Reading a book is even better with a flower as a bookmark. A garland of flowers in the window will brighten up a grey day, and a rich bouquet of flowers in the bathroom will create a luxurious spa feel.

Endless surprises

In short, the possibilities of pop-up flowers are infinite. Think beyond your tall vases and sprinkle flower buds into your loved one’s slippers or make a tulip wreath for your sweetheart. Be sure to know that your little gesture will not only surprise them, but also make you feel happy as well.

*Research from Harvard shows that living with flowers increases feelings of compassion and reduces fear and worry. That's nice to hear!