Q&A: Rona Wheeldon's favourite flower

Peonies and ranuculus are firm favourites of the Flowerona founder

As someone with a dedicated passion for flowers, we couldn’t resist asking Rona Wheeldon, founder of award-winning blog Flowerona what is her favourite flower! 

We also asked her to share with us what inspired her to work with flowers, her fondest memories of flowers and how she is helping flower enthusiasts across the UK to follow their dreams...

Peonies and ranuculus are firm favourites of the Flowerona founder  Copyright: Images courtesy of Flowerona

Q, Do you have a favourite flower?

A, People often ask me what my favourite flower is. And I always reply…can I have two? They are, without doubt, ranunculus and peonies. I just adore their amazing petals! Layers upon layers of them…and oh, so delicate. Peonies. Aren’t they such stunningly sensational blooms?! I just adore them. 

Q, Do you have any early and fond memories of flowers?

A, I've always loved flowers. Growing up on a small farm in Devon, I remember my dad growing anemones amongst his vegetable patch as they are one of my mum's favourite flowers. I also fondly remember walking into church on a Mothering Sunday and being hit by the beautiful scent of posies of flowers, which each child could collect to give to their mum. 

A, A I'll cut a very long story short(!) The trigger for me entering the world of flowers full-time came about after a spate of illness and a conversation with my husband over ten years ago, when he could see that I wasn't enjoying my job in the City. He asked me 'What do you really love?’ And the word 'flowers' was the answer. That same day, I signed up for a floristry evening course.

Q, Not only do you manage the Flowerona blog, but you also run workshops and most recently, live talks for florists and flower ethusiasts. Why did you decide to do that?

A, A couple of years ago, we discussed holding holding business workshops for florists.  We could see how much florists could benefit by using social media to market their businesses and this was the focus of the first workshop which we ran in July 2014 in London.

Workshop attendees expressed an interest in learning about branding. So we then developed a branding workshop which we held for the first time last year. It's been so rewarding seeing how our attendees branding and social media journeys have progressed. It was after the success of the workshops we decided that live events would also give everyone an opportunity to meet and network with other florists, as we know that this is one of the things that attendees love the most about our workshops.

Check out Flowerona for upcoming live events and workshops.