Tips for a floral Scandi Christmas

Local Christoffer shares the Swedish festive feeling

Exposé #19 introduces you to florist Christoffer from Christoffers Blommor in Stockholm. He takes us to a country cottage in Sweden to show how you can make your Christmas a modern floral Scandi celebration.

Christoffers Blommor Stockholm Scandinavic

‘I think beautiful flowers are very important at Christmas. Bouquets that match the style of the table setting and that match the Christmas theme in the home. City folk come here to enjoy nature, with lots of greenery and lots of fragrance. I think a lot of them lead fairly stressful lives. They work hard and spend much time with nature. During the festive season, it’s nice to be at home and to relax, recharging from the scents of nature. They want cinnamon, the smell of moss and pine cones. People make beautiful still-lives and creations, and I believe strongly that that should include flowers. There are hyacinths, amaryllises… There are so many affordable beautiful flowers that stay fresh for a long time. And I think they’re much nicer than Christmas table decorations. Much more festive. But that’s my personal taste.’

Beautiful, modern and Scandinavian

‘This Christmas we're going to try to create a mood which is modern but not excessively trendy. It needs to be beautiful and appropriate. You need to adapt to the environment around you, adapt to the vases and - of course - your customers’ wishes. We’ve bought in beautiful flowers in claret, cerise, brown and green. Luxurious, dark colours - I love them. We use them to make big bouquets in beautiful vases and a few simple still-lives, big wreaths with greenery from the forest and even garlands.’

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