11 days to go: downloadable festive paper

Wrap it up and … leave it on display!

Don’t rush to unwrap your presents this Christmas! They look so eye-catching in their fantastic gift-wrap that it’s almost a shame to remove it. Why not carry on dreaming about the special surprises inside? You may even be tempted to just wrap up the wrapping paper in order to give it as a gift – we wouldn’t blame you! The print also looks good in a frame or as wallpaper, incidentally. It seems that under the tree is the place to be this year!  

Download the festive paper here: wrapping paper 12 Days to Christmas.pdf

Fantastic prints

These beautiful delicate illustrations create a spectacle for the holidays. Add brightly coloured ribbons and vivid adhesive tape, or tie it up with some coarse string. Mix up the styles of paper and ribbon you use, or stick to just one. With such gorgeous packaging, what’s inside doesn’t really matter anymore  and the nice thing is you can download it here for free! Obviously we’d love to know how your wrapping efforts turn out! Post a photo on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram (@howflowersdothat or @thejoyofplants) with the hashtag #12daystochristmas.

Even more beautiful

Apart from ribbon and string, you can also make a present extra-beautiful with bold flowers. Attach a fabulous colourful bloomer to the package to make it even more special, or choose a charming sprig from a plant. Gift tags can be beautified with floral prints and you can even give your bachelor brother a whole plant - which you wrap in the gift-wrap, obviously. Then you can look forward to soon acquiring a potential sister-in-law (or two!).

Gifts and the countdown

We will be giving away lots more over the coming weeks. It’s our way of wishing you a great Christmas. Keep an eye on our temporary ’12 days to Christmas’ Instagram pages and count down to the best days of the year with us. For almost two weeks you will be able to enjoy that amazing ‘gifts under the tree’ feeling. Take a look on Instagram right now (@howflowersdothat and/or @thejoyofplants).