A blooming combination: children and flowers

Learning and caring through play

Flowers appeal to the imagination. With a bit of imagination, you can see them as cheerful companions who wave to you with their petals. You can copy them with bright coloured pencils, string them into a flower necklace or enjoy them in a vase. Give children some responsibility by providing them with their own bouquet in the playroom. How to do it:

A blooming combination: children and flowers Funnyhowflowersdothat.co.uk

Choose together

As the first step you obviously go to the florist. Let the child choose their own flowers. It’s surprising to see what combinations they create! It might be a bouquet full of colourful gerberas and sunflowers. That’s logical, because flowers like that appeal to the imagination. Or you might have a flower stylist in the making. What a stroke of luck!


How do you trim the flowers? Should the bouquet be placed in cold, tepid or warm water? How often do you replace the water? What are the tips & tricks to keep the flowers looking good for as long as possible? What’s a good place for the vase? We often don’t think about it consciously, but there are lots of things to take into account when arranging and displaying flowers in your home. Read our flower guides for tips & tricks and share your wisdom with the next generation!

A bedtime story

There are so many lovely books on the market nowadays in which flowers and plants played a central role. Some feature remarkable photos or lifelike illustrations, such as the book Botanicum or Encyclopedia of Flowers. Great fun for children! 

Next to the nightlight

Don’t opt for strongly scented flowers to place beside the bed. It’s better to choose flowers with a delicate fragrance like lavender or peonies. Can you picture the scene? The small vase with the child’s bouquet displayed on the bedside table. The warm glow of the nightlight slightly illuminating the flowers. The fragrance delicately hanging in the bedroom. And the little person curled up in bed, dreaming about expansive fields of flowers. How cute!