Bouquet recipe: a colour injection with fashionable flowers

Leaping into spring
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After winter, our skins and living rooms could use some colour. Open doors and windows for welcome rays of sunshine and bring a splash of colour into your home by visiting your local florist to shop for flowers from the Bright & Breezy style trend or classic spring flowers. Not only will they make you happy, they are also totally in tune with current fashion trends.

Boeketrecept: kleurinjectie met de bloemen van nu
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You will need

How to make it

This bouquet starts with the vase. Paint a milk jug in a cheeky purple hue or buy a modern vase with a quirky look in the same colour. On the table, place a cheerful mat with a diamond print. The either playfully arrange your flowers, or ask your florist to create the bouquet for you. 


Got the taste for colour and keen to give your home a cheerful party atmosphere? Check out the Bright & Breezy style trend and get cracking. Be inspired by this season, with all its delicious food and fun DIYs. Need more inspiration? Follow us on FacebookPinterest and Instagram and share your floral creations with the hashtag #funnyhowflowersdothat.

Boeketrecept: kleurinjectie met de bloemen van nu