Breathtaking (temporary) tattoos

Pretty as a (stick-on) picture!

You can see them around more and more nowadays: tattoos. The trend for black tribal designs seems to have passed, and the era of delicate works of art has arrived. Nature makes an excellent source of inspiration. As a sleeve or a small tattoo on your wrist. In black and white, or a full-colour spectacular. We have spotted a beauty in The Green Gallery, and here are some more fabulous examples. 

Copyright: Artiest: Jenna Bumgardner

Aquarel tattoo


Klaproos tattoo
Bloemen tattoo op pols
Bloemen tattoeage

If you’re still on the fence or daren’t get a permanent tattoo, opt for a temporary flower tattoo instead. We think this one from Tattoorary is as pretty as a (stick-on) picture!

temporary tattoo