The cardboard florist

A uniquely creative activity

The lockdown situation has created an unusual set of circumstances. Unable to go out and visit friends, we've redefined our priorities and pastimes, and have reluctantly accepted the challenge of entertaining ourselves at home.

Surprisingly, our reduced circumstances have given rise to new creative projects, bursts of inspiration, and powerful acts of play. For exampe, Élisa Gallois of Instagram account @etdieucrea is creating scenes from the outside world in her own front room, with the help of cardboard boxes and a dash of imagination. Making — and playing — with these creations are keeping her and her children busy during quarantine.

The cardboard florist_ Et Dieu Créa Elisa Gallois - Et Dieu Créa

Flower power

Élisa's latest creation is a cardboard florist, where she and her children can play at flower selling. In this literal pop-up shop, flowers (which are full of emotional meanings) become even more powerful: a heartfelt response to social distancing, and a source of joy for the family.

« I believe this moment, if nothing else, is a chance for us to rediscover our values, our childlike joy and enthusiasm. » - Élisa Gallois

« ... taking pleasure in the little things, and losing ourselves in imaginative play (...) helps us reconnect with the simple joys of the world ... »

« Our little florist at n. 6, with its timeless charm, sells beautiful bunches of flowers — sometimes we even find ourselves stopping by just to chat... »

Do it yourself

Celebrate flowers, and the joys of the everyday, by following Élisa's lead. Create your own version of the cardboard florist at home with your children, and take comfort in the everyday poetry of flowers.

About Élisa Gallois

Élisa Gallois is a French blogger, and mother to Jules, Lou and Mia. On her Instagram she chronicles the life of a busy mother with charm and authenticity, through travel diaries, interior design, recipes and playful DIYs.