Celebrate graduations and school milestones with these 6 flowers

Discover 6 cheerful flowers with thoughtful symbolic meanings

Congratulations to all students who've finished their exams, been accepted to university or college or simply successfully finished another school year! If you're the proud parent, aunt, uncle, grandparent, sibling or friend of a hardworking kid or teenager, we're certain that you'll want to show your pride and appreciation for their achievements with the perfect gift - a beautiful and symbolically appropriate bouquet of flowers. The right blooms, like the six flowers below, which will express sentiments of pride and good luck and prosperity going forwards.

gladiool | oranje gladiool | bloem geslaagd


Gladioli are the symbol of strength and pride. This symbolism goes all the way back to Roman times, when gladiators fought in the arena for death or gladioli. These flowers are a colourful and powerful addition to any success-themed bouquet and as an added bonus, are especially long-lived as cut flowers. 

gerbera oranje rood | gerbera bloem geslaagd


If you're looking to celebrate the end of GCSE revision, there's no better pick than the gerbera, which practically radiates cheerful energy. With their many colours and shapes, there's always a gerbera to fit into your bouquet. Gerberas are seen as a symbol of positivity, liveliness and cheerfulness - exactly what we're all hoping for when results come in at the end of August.

zonnebloem | helianthus | zomerbloem geslaagd


With its sunny energy and bright colour, the sunflower is the queen of summer blooms and a welcome addition to any congratulatory bouquet. Sunflowers symbolises zest for life, positivity and happiness, ideal for anyone about to head off to uni.

allium | sierui | bloem geslaagd


Allium represents patience and prosperity, much like a tidy stack of revision notes. This flower is perfect if your loved one is embarking on an exciting new adventure after graduation, such as studying in another city. They also make a striking statement in any vase with their spiky blossoms and happy colours. 

delphinium | ridderspoor | bloem geslaagd


Delphinium, also known as larkspur, is a real eyecatcher with its cheerful panicles full of small flowers. Delphinium stands out in any bouquet and symbolises protection, making it an excellent choice to wish a loved one a prosperous, safe future. 

roos | oranje roos | symboliek roos geslaagd


Roses are an all-time favourite (and for good reason!) All colours of roses are a token of love and appreciation, but their meaning goes even further - each different coloured bloom has its own unique symbolism. Whether you're gifting a bouquet to your lover, a friend or your neighbour, there's always a rose to match!


With their almost limitless meanings and good cheer, a gift of flowers will always be welcomed. They'll conjure a genuine smile on the recipient's face and reinforce your positive message with their beauty and symbolism. Did you know that giving flowers has a positive effect on the giver as well as the recipient? Read more about it and discover 5 positive effects flowers can have here


As well as choosing flowers with the most appropriate symbolism, we also advise that you consider the recipient's personal preferences. Does that person have specific favourite flowers or colours? Then incorporate those into the bouquet. Also consider how you package your bouquet - perhaps by wrapping your flowers in fabric, patterned paper or other material. 

flower wrap | bloemen inpakken | papier bloemen wikkel


If your loved one has unfortunately not passed with the grades they hoped for, or there's a retake on their horizon, flowers can commiserate as much as celebrate. With the right flowers, you can motivate and encourage someone. How about a beautiful bouquet of celosias, for example? Celosia symbolises courage, strength and success. Moreover, the flower has a special shape with a curvy structure, reminiscent of the brain and associated with focus.

celosia boeket | celosia rood oranje geel


Looking for more inspiration for a cheerful bouquet of summer flowers? These nine summer blooms will bring the sunshine into your home. Once you've brought flowers home, you'll want them to last for as long as possible in your vase. Check out our extensive article with tips for keeping cut flowers in your vase as well as these tips on how to protect your bouquet against summer heat.