How to create beautifully wrapped bouquets of flowers

Wrap your bouquet in style

Encasing your beautiful bouquets in boring old plain paper is a thing of the past. Give your flowers a beautiful wrap, as a warm winter blanket. Discover 4 stylish flower wraps that will make your bouquet shine!

flower wrap leer | bloemenwikkel
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what is a flower wrap?

Simply put, a flower wrap is a wrapper for your bouquet. Such a wrap not only protects your flowers from damage, but is also the perfect way to enhance the message behind your bouquet - such as good luck wishes, happy birthday, or I love you - and give your bouquet an extra stylish or festive look.


Which wrap is right for your bouquet depends on several factors, such as the situation. Are you giving the bouquet for no reason or for a special occasion? The choice of your wrap also depends on the type of bouquet you have chosen. What atmosphere does your bouquet exude and does your bouquet have a particular meaning? Read on and get inspired by our 4 flower wraps!


Want to give your bouquet an extra chic look? Then wrap your flowers in a luxurious, soft fabric and add a touch of elegance to your bouquet. This wrap is perfect for holidays, anniversaries or other milestones. For an extra luxurious look, fasten this flower wrap with a fabric ribbon. For extra fun, the recipient can reuse the fabric to wrap a bouquet or other gift.

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flower wrap made of crinkled paper

If you want to give your bouquet the most natural, nonchalant look possible, choose a crinkled paper flower wrap. Thin paper gives your bouquet an airy feel. Thicker paper gives your bouquet extra flair. Crinkling the paper gives the bouquet an extra nonchalant touch. This wrap is especially suitable for a mini-bouquet or a playful bouquet of plucked flowers.

flower wrap papier | papieren bloemenwikkel | boeket inpakken

FLOWER WRAP with two colours of paper

Want to give your paper wrap an upgrade? Then opt for paper magnificence of two colours. Match the colours to those of your bouquet for a harmonious look, or choose a contrasting colour for an extra playful and colourful effect. This wrap is perfect for a birthday, well wishes or to cheer someone up.

papieren flower wrap | boeket inpakken papier


Want to give your bouquet a bold, durable and tough touch? Then wrap your bouquet in a leather wrap. Leather ages beautifully, can be used endlessly and symbolises resilience and lasting relationships. This wrap is perfect for celebrating a friendship or wishing someone strength and success!

bloemenwikkel leer | leren flower wrap | bloemen cadeau


Finding it hard to choose colours and materials? Then match them to the season. A summer mini-bouquet calls for an airy paper, while a fabric flower wrap suits a luxurious winter bouquet better. Fresh pastel colours are perfect for spring, vibrant hues suit summer and rich, warm colours are perfect for autumn and winter. 

Want to give your bouquet an extra personal twist? Then attach a card with a handwritten note, a poem or a small gift. 

Have fun giving!


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