Colourful botanical crowns

For flower girls and plant divas

The flower crown has been incredibly popular for a while so it’s about time for an update! In 2016 we’re throwing the rulebook out of the window. We’re putting indoor plants outside, outdoor plants are hanging off the walls as an eye-catching feature and we’re wearing flowers as a fashion statement. The question is no longer whether you love flowers or plants, but whether or not you want nature as part of your lifestyle. 

The possibilities are endless. To demonstrate this, we have made two versions: Romantic & floral and Rugged & colourful. Which style suits you best?

Romantic & floral


For this headdress we have selected flowers in bright colours and attractive green foliage to produce a luxuriant combination. 

Use flowers and plants such as Allium, Veronica, foliage.

Rugged & colourful


For this crown we have worked with a base made from unusual leaves with flowers in a single colour range, which lends a Roman feel to this fashion accessory.

Use flowers and plants such as Calathea and Dill. 

If you would like to make your own botanical crown, use wire for the frame to which you secure plant leaves and flowers with green adhesive tape. Use string at the ends to fasten the crown around your head. Don’t forget to share your results with us!