DIY: Ice lollies with edible flowers

Very tasty and a feast for the eyes

Beat the heat on sultry summer days with these ice lollies. Not just any ice lollies, but flower ice lollies. They're a treat for your taste buds and your eyes! Make space in your freezer because you'll want to make these ice lollies with edible flowers straight away. Here's how...

DIY: Ice Lollies with Edible Flowers

Shopping list

  • Elderberry syrup

  • Water

  • Ice lolly moulds

  • Edible flowers*: Apple Blossom, Anise Blossom and Cornabria Blossom (Greens of Devon)


DIY: Waterijsje met eetbare bloemen

Getting started

Fill 1/3 of the ice lolly moulds with the edible flowers. Pour one part syrup and two parts water in a jug. Pour the liquid carefully into the lolly moulds. Pour up to 1cm from the top edge of the moulds. Seal the top of the ice lolly moulds and place the sticks through the holes. Let the ice lollies freeze for at least one day. When you want to remove the lollies from the moulds, hold them under warm water for a moment, which will make it easier to remove them.

DIY: Waterijsje met eetbare bloemen

DIY: Waterijsje met eetbare bloemen

Summer tips

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*NOTE: Only use flowers specially grown for consumption.