DIY: swirl your drink with a swirly begonia

Add a twist to stirring!

We don’t hold with James Bond’s insistence on “shaken, not stirred”. We want drinks that we can stir until the last drop has gone and the ice has melted. And that’s mainly because of this simple yet stunning stirrer with begonia flowers. 

DIY: swirl your drink with a swirly begonia Funnyhowflowersdothat & delicious.Copyright: & delicious.

You will need

  • Wooden or glass stirrers (or just use a wooden skewer)

  • Begonia flowers* with stems

  • Fishing line or florist’s tape

How to make it

Select the best begonia flowers with stems and secure them to the stirrer using fishing line or florist’s tape. You can opt for a single flower or a colourful collection in all the colours available. 

Stirring flowers with flowers

If you happen to have a begonia cocktail or begonia lemonade in your glass, lend the finishing touch by adding a couple of begonia petals. *Do make sure you’re using edible begonia petals. If you’re uncertain, ask your florist.