The Green Gallery

Edition 15: Serenade in Blue

This summer is blue. The sky blue of clear, blue summer skies. A colourful symbol for unlimited possibilities and freedom, captured in blue flowers. Be seduced by all the shades in the new edition of The Green Gallery.

The Green Gallery #15


Edition 15 of The Green Gallery is called Serenade in Blue. The azure, sculptural hydrangea is central to the Trendstory and Georgia O'Keeffe's abstract floral paintings shine in Portfolio. In Interview, botanical artist Kristen Alpaugh talks about how she creates perfect floral atmospheres and Muse stuns you with breathtaking summer bouquets.


Through the myth of Apollo and floral confetti we find ourselves in the world of art, with the blue flower in all its forms. We cherish Delphinium and blue orchids in grand, sky-blue and dramatic compositions. Feel the message of hope this summer and see the overwhelming beauty of all that is blue and flourishing.

Let’s celebrate the beauty of nature.

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