The Green Gallery

A new issue: Flora

Back in the day when Alexey Brodovitch was still the art director at Harper’s Bazaar, he told the then young up-and-coming photographer Richard Avedon: 'Astonish me.' 

We think that’s the best advice ever. We have taken these words to heart in creating the online magazine The Green Gallery, in which we celebrate the beauty of flowers and plants. We hope to surprise you, excite you, tickle you and bring you enjoyment whilst also amazing you and moving you to wonder.

Creative sprits

The magazine has been produced in collaboration with creative spirits such as photographers from Vogue, W Magazine and Kinfolk, stylists from Elle Deco, and leading and up-and-coming artists and bloggers who shape the zeitgeist. They’re all international fans of flowers and plants.

Issue 10: Flora 

The latest edition of The Green Gallery not only marks 10 editions in which we celebrate the beauty of nature, it also specifically zooms in on Flora. The goddess of flowers in the form of blossom and other gentle appearances. Spring flowers that tickle the nose and open the doors to the outside.

Expect further in this song: vintage favorites, festive vases that you can not say no to, an ode to the carnation, an interview with Mary Lennox and we honor Matisse and his love of flowers in his paintings.

Let's celebrate the beauty of nature.

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