The Green Gallery

Issue 14: Ethereal

Something remarkable is happening this spring. Since The Green Gallery started in 2015, flowers have never been as extravagant and influential as this. Flowers bloom lavishly, and the bouquets this spring are more grandiose, airy and colourful than ever before.

The Green Gallery #14

Freestyle Ikebana

The latest issue of The Green Gallery bears the title Ethereal. John William Waterhouse's paintings are reproduced with flowers in Historic Beauty, the Trend Story is all about big fluffy bouquets, Portfolio features Josephine Jeannin’s freestyle Ikebana bouquets, and in the interview botanical interior stylist Maggie Cooker talks all about her love and passion for plants.

Extravagant bouquets

There is lots of playing and combining with feathers, plumes and dyed leaves. Extravagant bouquets are hung up in the air like floating floral clouds. The waving grasses make us think of the unknown. As artist Georgia O’Keeffe put it: “I found I could say things with colours and shapes that I couldn’t say any other way – things I had no words for.” That’s exactly how it is this season with flowers and bouquets. Innovative and with overwhelming beauty.

Let’s celebrate the beauty of nature.

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