Have you heard about the Christmas terrarium?

So you head off to the florist, catch yourself an enormous spider chrysanthemum, and quickly pop it into a stylish copper terrarium. Simple! And because the festive season is almost upon us, you can simply call it a Christmas terrarium and before you know it you are totally #coolchristmas. 

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A greenhouse indoors!

Suddenly indoor greenhouses seem to be everywhere and with stylish flower terrariums made of ultra-hip copper, there's plenty to inspire your home decor! These aren't real terrariums, which can be closed in order to keep your tarantulas and anacondas safely inside, but these botanical terrariums open at the top, and make a gorgeous mini display cabinet for flowers and plants that deserve a place of honour. The star of this show is a gigantic disbudded chrysanthemum

Al gehoord van het Kersterrarium mooiwatbloemendoen.nl

‘That thing? Oh, I just knocked that up myself!’

If you have nerves of steel, 10 minutes to spare and a boring transparent Christmas bauble knocking around, you can create your own mini-terrarium. Carefully pull out the hanging bit, then carefully wiggle in the classic asparagus fern followed by some red berries to hold the foliage nicely in place. Put the hanging bit back in and tie a ribbon around it. A real festive treat!