Help your flowers get through the heat

Enjoy a fabulous summer bouquet for a long time

There’s nothing lovelier than a summery sea of flowers. Relax and enjoy a big helping of fragrance and colour to make these happy days even more fabulous. One way of keeping these bloomers looking their best in the scorching heat is in a cool vase … but there’s more. 


How to keep your flowers looking good during the summer heat 

In the absence of factor 30 for flowers, we need to help them in some other way. 

Prepare a completely clean vase with clean water and cut flower food. There should be no leaves hanging in the water. The higher temperatures mean that bacteria will develop more rapidly in the water, which will reduce the flowers’ vase life, since they block up the vessels in the flower stems. Wash the vase again after 4 to 5 days, refresh the water and give the flowers fresh cut flower food. Also trim the flowers by another 3-5 cm. 

That's it! In the meantime, enjoy your flowers to the fullest!