How to create a floral ode to love

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Just like emotions, flowers are ephemeral. So to express all kinds of emotions, Cécile - the floral artist behind Oz Garden - has found flowers (and plants) to be perfect allies. For Cécile, who describes herself as passionate about emotions, flowers are a means of expression, just like painting or writing.

For the month of love, Cécile - Oz Garden, explains how to create a floral ode to love. With the help of her tips and tricks, compose your own declaration of love for Valentine's Day, combining richness and lightness.

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Cécile is passionate about flowers is and the owner of the Parisian boutique Oz Garden, which she describes as a "jewel box of flowers and poetry" - which can clearly be felt in the way she composes bouquets. With instinct, spontaneity and sincerity, she combines garden flowers and cut flowers in unexpected combinations.

When she composes, Cécile thinks of the person for whom she is doing it, because as she says: "making a composition for someone you love is always a beautiful gesture.

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give a homemade flower arrangement on valentine's day

To create your own version of a floral ode to love, you can - like Oz Garden with the painting The Roses of Heliogabalus by Lourens Alma-Tadema - be inspired by art (music, paintings, poems...). Then, let yourself be carried by the moment and let your intuition guide you. Listen to your feelings and give them space through your flower arrangement that you create for your valentine.

The key word is dare. Create your own world. Dare to use interesting or unexpected combinations: work with differences in height, combine strong branches with fragile flowers, etc.

you will need

  • Biodegradable floral foam
  • Pruning shears
  • A vase that matches the design you have in mind. Here Oz Garden has used a large rectangular pot to give a 'wave' silhouette to the arrangement
  • An assortment of sturdy flowering branches such as magnolia branches as well as flexible, slender branches such as broom
  • An assortment of long-stemmed flowers such as ranunculus, tulips and carnations
  • An assortment of flowers with strong, easy-to-cut stems, such as rose and cluster roses, lilac, hydrangea
  • An assortment of delicate flowers such as lathyrus (sweet pea), gypsophila, clematis, gypsophila, lisianthus

In its floral ode to love, Oz Garden uses a wide range of flowers and a few varieties of branches, but the main flowers in its composition are rose, lathyrus, buttercup and broom. The other flowers will bring lightness to the bouquet, as if the wind were blowing through it.

how to make a romantic flower arrangement for valentine's day

Step 1
Place the organic floral foam, soaked in water, in your vase or pot.

Step 2
Start with the main branches - in this case the magnolias - to build up the base line, to create a 'wave' silhouette like the one seen in the Oz Garden bouquet: the branches rise higher on one side than the other and the lowest point (in between) is slightly off-centre.

Step 3
Near the base, the lowest point of the arrangement, add compact flowers with short, sturdy stems - hydrangeas and most roses and lilacs - and then towards the sides of longer-stemmed flowers, including lathyrus, ranunculus and tulips. The soft branches of broom further enhance the fluidity of this work.

Oz Garden_Floral signature

Step 4
Continue to enrich the composition with flowers with flexible stems and more delicate varieties, also playing with heights. These more delicate, airy flowers bring richness and lightness to the bouquet. Imagine the wind blowing through the leaves and petals.

Step 5
An arrangement like this deserves all the light you can get. So walk around the pot or vase to make sure the arrangement is beautiful and neat on all sides. If necessary, continue to work on the shape of the arrangement, so that it looks both harmonious and contrasting.


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Happy Valentine's Day!

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