Merry Christmas!

Green happiness, love and good company

Let them know it’s Christmas time... At last, finally, it’s CHRISTMAS! Time for group hugs and turning the heating up high. Bursting with song, unwrapping presents and enjoying one another’s company – we’re full of the merriness of the festive season.

12 days to Christmas

The table is groaning under the enormous mountain of exuberant floral prints, wintry colour shifts and cosy combinations of greenery. Love fills the air and Christmas carols spread through the room, combined with the tempting aromas of the Christmas feast. Excitement grows and the oohs and aahs are unstoppable when people see the fabulous Christmas table -like something from another world!  Finally, a green, purple and blue Christmas! Something for everyone to get lost in.  And… was that a snowflake drifting past the window?