The new beautiful Christmas arrangement

This classic deserves pride of place

Open patches of florist’s foam. Twigs from the Christmas tree. A dusty dinner candle in the middle. And don’t forget the shiny blue mini-baubles! It’s high time the classic Christmas arrangement as we know it had a makeover.

The beautiful ‘ugly’ Christmas arrangement -

Forget the baubles and the fire hazards. Opt for various shades of red, berries, spiky beauties and a couple of smart finds. 

Seasonal favourites

First the seasonal favourites: the fresh green of Holly combine with the red and orange-brown berries gives an instant Christmas feel. Then take pale pink roses in bud or almost dried, and place them next to the pastel-coloured snowberry. A single pinecone and attractive sprigs packed with grey-blue needles provide the finishing touch. A Christmas arrangement that deserves pride of place!

Inspired by our own centrepiece, we have a festive bouquet from The Flower Yard London to give away in a prize draw to two lucky readers. Guaranteed to bring joy and happiness to any table - simply leave your details below by Friday 16 December to be entered into the competition. 

Win: A luxury bouquet!