North America’s 5 most beautiful nature reserves

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Some parts of the world are blessed with fabulous natural resources. North America offers a wide range of nature reserves, each even more lovely than the other. From deserts to mountains and from the wildest waters to the deepest ravines -  they have them all. Print out this list, book your ticket across the Atlantic and dive into North America’s most beautiful nature reserves. 

De 5 mooiste natuurparken van Noord-Amerika -

Yosemite, California - USA

Americans call this the jewel in the crown of all national parks. You can find a different natural spectacle round every corner in Yosemite: mountains, glaciers, waterfalls. And there’s an endless spectacle of flowers and plants that you can only see here.

Yellowstone, Wyoming - USA

Did you know that Yellowstone was the world’s first national nature park? The area - known for its geysers and large concentrations of wildlife - was given protected status in 1872. 

Olympic, Washington - USA

Olympic National Park has three different ecosystems: a temperate rainforest,  sub-alpine woodland with wildflower meadows, and the rugged coast. Also take a look at the unruly Kalaloch tree, which grows in an unusual way. 

Banff National Park, Alberta - Canada

If you’re a keen walker or backpacker, Banff National Park is definitely recommended for you. Here you will find plenty of places to be entirely alone, despite the park’s popularity. Allowing you to drink in the fabulous nature without distractions. 

Mount Revelstoke, British Columbia - Canada 

If you’re looking for a Sound of Music feeling in Canada, you will find fields full of wildflowers in Mount Revelstoke nature reserve. Can you picture yourself dancing around amidst the flowers with majestic mountains as the backdrop?

A nature reserve in your home

If your passport has run out but you still want to enjoy the beauty of the North American nature reserves, bring nature into your home! Start with a lifelike photo wallpaper with a vista of mountains and greenery. Then dress the room with plants and flowers that seem to have stepped out of the photo. You can place impressive indoor trees like Dracaena, Pachira or the biggest cactus you can find along the sides. In the lower areas you can let the most colourful flowers bloom. For example by placing cheerful summer bloomers in small vases of various heights on the floor. A hanging kokodama also lends more depth to your nature reserve wall. But look out for bears and other denizens of the wild!