Organise a Flower Feast

Five ideas to decorate your outdoor area with flowers

It's summer, so that’s a perfect excuse for having a party, isn’t it? Organise a Flower Feast for family and friends and invite them to your patio, garden or balcony. Transform your outdoor area into a flower oasis especially for the occasion.

Five decoration ideas

We've found a number of ideas for how you can decorate your patio, garden or balcony in an amazing way with flowers. It's sure to result in some amazed looks. Remember to also provide some refreshing drinks and a floral appetizer and as a fashionable hostess, turn up in a floral outfit. With all the ingredients in place, let the guests arrive!

Idea 1: The table as the centre of attention

Make your outdoor table the centre of attention. Do this by using extravagant flower designs on the table cloth and cushions, place fresh flowers on the table and present a number of special floral dishes in lovely bowls. We think your guests will be blown away!

Summer on

Idea 2: Caged flowers

Place flowers and plants in birdcages and hang them in the trees or place them on the table. For an even nicer detail, place the flowers in different shaped vases such as a bulb vase or a test tube vase.


Idea 3: Vintage swing

Do you have a strong tree where you could hang a swing from? Lucky you! Decorate the swing with sunflowers, gloriosa and dill. This will create a romantic vintage look and will bring your inner-child out again. Do you like this floral outfit? Take a look at where you can buy it in our article about summer outfits.


Idea 4: Magnetic vases

Find a piece of metal or stainless steel to your garden or on your balcony, for example in your outdoor kitchen or a steel bucket. This is the ideal surface for Serax’s magnetic design vases. Place the vases on the surface and fill them with your favourite flowers. You could also surround them with a number of plants in terracotta and vintage pots. Voila, another step closer to the floral end result.

Serax vaasjesIdea 5: Flower garland

Give that old wooden step ladder a new life and make a flower garland. Examples of flowers and plants you could use for this are allium, chrysanthemum, lily, hydrangea and aquilegia.

Bloemenslinger aan de trap

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