Power bouquets

Because you're worth it!

When was the last time you looked in the mirror and paid yourself a big compliment? We often forget to give the most important person in our lives a helping hand - and that person is you! Give yourself an extra portion of self-confidence with a power bouquet, because you are more than worth it. Choose the bouquet with your favourite star flower and feel that energy!

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Could you use some cheerfulness in your life? Then give yourself a smile on a stem and arrange tulips in a beautiful vase, like this one. Tulips are a symbol of fierce love, affection, hope and positivity. In the bouquet below, we used orange and pink tulips, with Sandersonia, also known as Chinese lantern, as a sidekick! 



Happiness and health are two of the most important things in life. Have you been having problems with these lately, or do you feel strongly connected to them? Then the Chrysanthemum is what you are looking for. This bouquet contains two star performers besides the Chrysanthemum, namely Scabiosa and Delphinium



Increase your creativity with tuberose. This flower symbolises new life creations. In addition, it smells delicious and is often used in many exclusive perfumes, which is a nice bonus!



Are you looking for support in a difficult time and do you just need a heart under the belt? Then the solidago is your flower. A big bunch of these flowers will give you encouragement and put your growth centre stage. This beautiful bouquet contains four star players besides solidago: climbing rose, umbellifer, crocosmia and grasses. 



For an injection of romance, passion and heart, choose the carnation. The symbolism of this flower is not the only thing that makes it so attractive - its many colours and shapes also make it a wonderful protagonist in any beautiful container.



The alstroemeria is the symbol of a long-lasting friendship. All six petals represent a valuable characteristic, namely understanding, humour, patience, empathy, decisiveness and respect. You will recognise at least one of these qualities in yourself or in your best friend. 



The thorns of the orange rose indicate that love is not always a bed of roses. Nevertheless, the orange rose is a symbol of appreciation and sympathy, so enough reasons to pay more attention to the love you have for yourself and to put it first. 

Orange rose


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