Say thank you to your teacher, coach or trainer with flowers

5 flowers to thank your teachers with

After an instructive and fruitful school year, teachers deserve a thoughtful gift and trainers, coaches and instructors deserve a fitting thanks for their hard work. Flowers are the ideal present to show gratitude and appreciation, especially if their symbolism is meaningful. Read on and discover five flowers ideal for thanking your teacher, master or coach!

pioenroos bedankt juf

which flowers are best to say 'thank you' with?

There is symbolism behind almost every flower, and it's fun to look for flowers with meanings that match what you want to say. Collect meaningful flowers in a beautiful bouquet to thank your teachers, instructors and masters in a personal, thoughtful way.


The following flowers symbolise gratitude or appreciation: 

lisianthus | paarse en witte lisianthus


Lisianthus comes in different varieties and colours, yet all varieties share the same symbolic meaning, representing appreciation and recognition. This makes it the ideal choice for a thank you bouquet.

hortensia paars blauw | hydrangea


The colour of a hydrangea's flower varies depending on the soil they grow in, and the meanings of the different colours make the hydrangea a highly symbolic flower. First and foremost, it represents gratitude, but expresses grace and beauty. 

roze roos | witte roos | symboliek roos


The rose is one of the most versatile flowers, with each colour bloom representing different meanings. The best way to show your gratitude is with a dark pink rose symbolising appreciation. The light pink rose stands for admiration, which is also a good fit for a bouquet expressing gratitude.

campanula | klokjesbloem | paarse campanula symboliek


The campanula is a pretty, unassuming flower that looks a lot like a bell, with its Latin name meaning 'little bell' - appropriate if you've just finished a school year and are excited not to hear an end-of-lesson bell for a while! Usually purple, this flower represents gratitude, humility and friendship and blooms just before summer, making it a great fit for a bouquet gifted before the summer holidays.

pioenroos roze | peony | pioenroos symboliek


Cheerful, exuberant, lovely and aptly symbolic, peonies are the perfect flower to thank your teacher with. Peonies symbolise happiness, prosperity and gratitude and they're at their best in May, June and July.  

HOW to thank your teacher with flowers

Giving flowers as a gift to thank your teacher, master or coach is always a good idea and ensures they enter the summer break with a well-deserved feeling of goodwill. Did you know that receiving and giving flowers has many positive effects? Discover five positive effects of flowers here.  

Here are some ideas for thank you gifts involving flowers:  

  • Make the bouquet personal and surprise your teacher with a bouquet of their favourite flowers and colours.  
  • Let each child in the class choose one flower that reminds their of the teacher and together, use them to form a beautiful bouquet. You could even write on nice note about why that flower reminds you of your teacher.  
  • Make a personal thank you gift in the form of a stone hand-painted with flowers.
  • Make a letter or number out of flowers that references the class or sports group, such as the name or number of the form or class or the first letter of the recipient's name.
  • Gift a DIY candle with flowers that you've made yourself - or have your kids make one to add a truly personal touch.
zelf kaarsen maken | diy kaars | geurkaars met bloemen

how to thank a sports trainer or coach with a personal gift of flowers

After a long season where all participants have put their blood, sweat and tears into sporting achievements, it's considerate to thank your trainer or coach for their commitment to helping you succeed. Combine a personal bunch of flowers with a sporting message on a handwritten card. Why don't you have everyone write a short note on a football, tennis or hockey ball and give it to the trainer or coach together with the thank you bouquet?

Have fun saying thank you with flowers!