In the spotlight: June in March

Notting Hill based florist making its mark on London

Following its inception in Hong Kong, June in March travelled the world before settling in London this year. Their unique style is dedicated to bringing the beauty of wildness in flowers and plants to every project. An interview with June in March -  Purveyor of Natural Floral Excellence

Childhood dream

It all started when Emily had her first child and decided to put aside her career in hospitality to follow her childhood dream of being a florist and bring the joy of plants and flowers to everyone. Her work focuses on introducing nature into everyday lives and she has a real passion for ensuring everything is natural and authentic; as she told us herself; “I don’t want to do anything artificial. I want to recreate the diversity of what nature has to offer. It has to be totally natural, an expression of what you’d see on the forest floor.”


Emily’s creations reflect her personal and brand ethos of making flowers “accessible – I don’t believe flowers should be expensive. They should be natural and countrified, not artificial.” This is plain to see in her work as she expertly blends a variety of blooms and greenery that are reflective of not only the time of year but also their shared locations. You won’t see numerous stems from different exotic and far-flung locations. Instead, feast your eyes on the most luscious blossoms that are found locally to each other and complement their cohorts perfectly. She’s also no perfectionist; “I don’t want the perfect bouquet, I want something that looks like you’ve just picked flowers from the field. Beautiful and real.”

Maison St Germain

June in March’s most recent work was seen at the Maison St Germain’s pop-up in Soho where a central London townhouse was transformed with a stunning combination of fresh cut flowers, dried flowers, and greenery to transport visitors to a luscious French palais in celebration of the brand’s elderflower liqueur.

Other Projects

Other projects have seen the creation of a jaw dropping floral chandelier for amfAR, stunning floral arches for Jack Wills, and transforming the KEE Club into a tropical jungle. With her studio now fully functional, we can't wait to see what the future holds for this botanical artisan.

Of course, we couldn’t speak to an artist without asking what it is that inspires her, and the answer was as perfect as her imperfect displays. “I love working with flowers because you never stop. You can constantly create and change things. I’m never bored as there is always something different to see and a different way to see things. They make people happy, and they make me happy.”