Sunshine on your party table

Table decoration tips for a sun-filled party
Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

Maybe you’ve got time off but you’re not going away, or you want to celebrate the fact that you’ll be lying on a tropical beach in the very near future. Whatever the excuse may be, it’s time for a summer party. Impress your friends with a decorated party table, the essential centrepiece for your fiesta. Create space around the table and cover it with delicious snacks, refreshing drinks and - of course - plants and flowers. Festive table: 1 Dancefloor: 0.

Tip 1. The base for your summer party table

Place leaves from a palm tree - such as the Kentia palm - on the table in a criss-cross fashion. It’s looking good already!

Tip 2. Plant in glass

You can make plant pots out of trendy mason jars and scatter them around your party table. Exotic plants like Bromeliads look particularly good at a summer party. All you have to do is carefully remove the plant from the grower’s pot, place it in the mason jar and top up with potting soil where necessary. 

Tip 3. Labels with floral aspirations

On the table we’ll place lovely cards alongside the snacks. Obviously they’re decorated with flowers and a couple of pretty sprigs. Here’s how to make them:

  • Buy calling card-sized cards, holders, some loose flowers and couple of nice sprigs (or remove the leaves from the flowers).

  • Write the name of the dish on the cards in your neatest handwriting.

  • Attach the plant leaf or a petal to the cards by inserting the stem through a perforation hole, or by sticking it onto the card with tape or fastening it to the stand holding the card.

Get into your party clothes, stick on the music and welcome the first few guests that have already arrived! It's fiesta time!!