Surprising bouquet without limits

Create a composition packed with colour, shape and movement

What if your hands could lend shape to your limitless ideas? If you could combine different forms of beauty until a surprising shape develops?

Surprising bouquet without limits The Green Gallery Dylan Tripp

Grasses, plants and flowers

Allow your composition to be inspired by what shape, colour and movement can do. Graceful grasses create airiness, and plants like to play a robust role. You can add colour with exuberant flowers and - for a particularly adventurous touch - a bit of extra colour with a bit of paint. That way you can create a bouquet with the look and energy of a work of art.

The Green Gallery #15

As an example, take a look at the extravagant blue/pink/gold bouquet created by floral interior designer Dylan Tripp in edition 15 of The Green Gallery. What does your ultimate composition look like?