A winter bouquet full of sunbeams

Warm your home and your heart

Need a bouquet that provides warmth on cold days? Look no further! This bouquet full of winter flowers in warm colours will warm your home and your heart. Read on, get inspired and discover the essentials.

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bouquet with winter flowers

This bouquet of cheerful winter flowers in red, orange and yellow brightens up any room. Mimosa with its waving yellow clouds of flowers is the warm ray of sunshine in the bouquet. Flame lily's dancing petals add elegance. The red roses add a touch of passion and the Slipper orchid is a real eye-catcher that gives the bouquet a unique twist.

supplies for your winter bouquet

how to make your winter bouquet

Visit your local florist and use the flower list above, or choose flowers that appeal to you in shades of red, orange and yellow. You can also ask your florist to help you choose. Have the bouquet arranged according to our example or get started at home.


You can choose to make a standard bouquet, but the bouquet in this article is suitable as an artful flower arrangement (arranged from low to high). The front and bottom stems are short and the back and top stems are long. It's more of a floral arrangement than a traditional bouquet.

tips for your flower arrangement

  • Use durable florist's foam to stick your flowers in, so you can shape your floral arrangement more easily and the flowers will stay more solid.
  • Make sure the floral foam is wet enough. If it gets dry, gently wet it again.
  • Spray the flowers regularly with a plant sprayer to give them enough moisture and keep your flower arrangement beautiful for as long as possible. 
  • With this flower arrangement, remember the three-dimensional shape: the flowers are not only upright but also forward and to the side. The shape of your flower arrangement depends on where you want to place it. Are you placing it against a wall? Then a flatter back is fine. Are you putting the floral arrangement on your kitchen island? Then you need a flower arrangement that is attractive from all sides.
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