5 tips to choosing the perfect Valentine’s flowers

Choose the right flowers and watch the love bloom
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On Valentine's Day, it's traditional to surprise your loved one with a perfect Valentine's Day bouquet. But how do you make sure that you choose the right flowers? Here are our 5 tips, so you can give flowers to the person who makes your heart beat faster. 

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1. Make sure they’re fresh…

You wouldn’t give them chocolates that are past their sell-by date so don’t do the same with your blooms. If you’re buying them in person, check they’re super-fresh by gently feeling the part of the petal that meets the stem. The firmer this part, the fresher the flower.

2. … and long lasting

If the flowers are a symbol of your love, what 's your date going to think if they’ve drooped by February 15th? To help them stay true and long lasting, make sure the stems are trimmed with a sharp knife (not blunt scissors!) and plunged into fresh, clean water in a squeaky clean vase.

3. Dare to be different

They might be the flower synonymous with Valentine’s Day, but grabbing a bunch of red roses doesn’t exactly show much thought or imagination. Try to find out their favourite flowers beforehand (wandering past a few florists will help). Failing that, think about a favourite colour or fragrance and ask the florist to help you choose an arrangement that reflects their character.

4. Make her smile… not sneeze

You want to give your love fever in the Nina Simone sense, not hayfever. If the object of your affections is an allergy sufferer, steer clear of heady blooms, such as hyacinths, chrysanthemums and sunflowers that could have them sneezing and streaming. Instead opt for flowers such as hydrangea, hosta, tulips, iris and lilies.

5. Make it personal

If you’re busy with work, it could be tempting to just whip out your credit card and order something online from a major online retailer. But you won’t know exactly what you’re getting or how the flowers have been affected in transit. If you can, choose your flowers in person from an independent florist where you can handpick a bouquet that you know will reflect the unique style and personality of your date. 


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