5 tips to choosing the perfect Valentine’s flowers

Choose the right flowers and watch the love bloom

On Valentine's Day, it's traditional to surprise your loved one with a perfect Valentine's Day bouquet. But how do you make sure that you choose the right flowers? Here are our 5 tips, so you can give the perfect flowers to the person who makes your heart beat faster. 

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1. check whether the flowers are fresh

You wouldn’t give them chocolates that are past their sell-by date so don’t do the same with your blooms. If you’re buying them in person, check they’re super-fresh by gently feeling the part of the petal that meets the stem. The firmer this part, the fresher the flower.


If the flowers are a symbol of your love, what's your date going to think if they’ve drooped by February 15th? Here are our tips for making your flowers last as long as they possibly can:

  • Cut the stems 3-5 centimetres diagonally with a sharp, clean knife (not with blunt scissors). Cutting flowers at an angle ensures better water absorption.
  • If necessary, remove the lower leaves from the stems. If leaves hang in the water, the stems will rot. 
  • Choose a vase that's the right size. Make sure the stems have enough space. If the vase is too narrow for the bouquet, the flowers will wilt sooner.
  • Place the bouquet in a clean vase with fresh tap water.
  • Add cut flower food to the water to extend the bouquet's shelf life. 
  • Change the vase water regularly (preferably every other day). Have leaves fallen into the water? Then remove them. 
  • Think about the right position for your bouquet. Don't put the flowers in a draught, next to the radiator or beside a fruit bowl. Did you know that ripe fruit excrete the gas ethylene? That gas not only speeds up the ripening of other fruit, but also the ripening of flowers. 
  • Is there a wilted flower in the bouquet? Take it out to keep the rest of the flowers beautiful for longer.

3. choose flowers with character

They might be the flower synonymous with Valentine’s Day, but grabbing a bunch of red roses doesn’t exactly show much thought or imagination. Try to find out their favourite flowers beforehand (wandering past a few florists will help). It's a great idea to pick blooms they reflect your lover's favourite scents and colours, and try to represent their character in the bouquet. Can't quite figure it out yourself? Get inspired by this ultimate bouquet for Valentine's Day, or ask your florist to help you choose a beautiful flower combination and arrange your perfect Valentine's bouquet.

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4. take allergies into account

You want to give your love fever in the Nina Simone sense, not hayfever. If the object of your affections is an allergy sufferer, steer clear of heady blooms, such as hyacinths, chrysanthemums and sunflowers that could have them sneezing and streaming. Instead opt for flowers such as hydrangea, hosta, tulips, iris and lilies.

5. write a cute note

If you’re busy with work, it could be tempting to just whip out your credit card and order something online from a major online retailer. But you won’t know exactly what you’re getting or how the flowers have been affected in transit. If you can, choose your flowers in person from an independent florist where you can handpick a bouquet that you know will reflect the unique style and personality of your date. Even better, write a little note or poem to go with the flowers, to truly demonstrate your feelings.


Looking for ideas on tips for the most romantic day of the year? Get inspired with our recipe for tartlets with edible flowers, or make your boo a delicious breakfast in bed to spoil them to way they deserve. Discover the different love languages to give your sweetheart a Valentine's Day they'll never forget. Don't forget to follow us on PinterestInstagram and Facebook for your daily dose of floral inspiration!  

Happy Valentine's Day!

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