Bring peace into your home with white winter flowers

Serene white brings calm and positivity

If there’s one colour that matches this season perfectly, it’s white. The white of snow, of brightening days, a clean slate and a fresh start. With their calm appearance, white flowers bring long-awaited peace into your home.

White alstroemeria

These serene white flowers are easily available from your florist:


By opting for a clean, crisp colour, you’ll be more inclined to admire this beautiful flower up close. The white also allows you to take a deep, calming breath of air. With its symbolism of enduring friendship, a bunch of Alstroemerias also makes the perfect gift.


It’s true that they come in all colours of the rainbow, but these days we’re opting for white tulips. They rise gloriously into the air, maintaining their chic appearance. With a bit of imagination, you can almost picture them as snowflakes on stems. 



With its delicate appearance and gentle fragrance, the freesia was never a show-off, and in white the flower makes a beautifully subtle difference in your home. Admire its elegant shape as you walk past, and allow the scent to calm you for a moment.


The delicate white of crêpe-like petals combines with a rugged black heart in the anemone. This flower is a declaration of love and belonging, so follow that message and bring a bunch of white anemones into your home. 


White lilies represent purity, a lovely intention at the start of the new year. The flower draws attention with its stately shape, and signature floral fragrance. The neutral colour also gives you a point of peace in your line of sight.

More white flowers?

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