Cooking with orchids

Did you know that Vanilla comes from orchids?

As one of the most  common (and delicious) flavours in the world, Vanilla is seen in cakes, bakes and ice cream everywhere. But did you know that this beautiful taste actually comes from the equally beautiful orchid?

The Vanilla Orchid

Although it's not commonly found as a cut flower, the yellow Vanilla Orchid is the bloom responsible for creating the familiar flavour. Next time you're serving up a slice of a vanilla cake to friends, why not present it next to a vase or bowl of the flowers and share the story with them?

A savoury twist on orchids

Some orchid flower varieties can add a savoury flavour to stir fries and salads. The flavour of some orchids has been said to be a cross between cucumber and endive so use it to complement similar flavours in your dishes!

The best table decoration

If you would rather enjoy the beauty of orchids than the taste, then why not display a vase or bowl of the flowers on your dinner table next time you have friends over? Whilst not all orchids are edible, all are beautiful so whether you opt for Moth or Dendrobium orchids, there'll always be something to brighten up the room!