Create an indoor garden with flowers and flowering plants

For when it's still just a bit too cold outside
Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

Don't have a garden, is it too chilly or you're just more of an indoor person? No problem. That wonderful outdoor feeling you get during a moment to yourself can be created just as magically inside. How do you do that? By bringing the flower garden indoors.

Binnentuin met bloemen en bloeiende planten
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During summer, the garden is an explosive collection of colours, leaves and textures. Recreate that feeling by bringing flowering plants into your home. Like Oncidium, Caladium, Campanula, Bougainville, Scindapsus and Oxalis. Place them on a stool, a stepladder or hang them on a hook. Of course, you can place a beautiful summer bouquet next to you on a table or in a nearby spot - the piano, for example!

a playful hammock

Nothing is as playful as relaxing in a hammock. It awakens our inner child and gives an instant boost of relaxation. Can you hear the leaves rustling? Enjoy this lovely spot while sipping on a mocktail of edible flowers and herbs. Lay all other responsibilities aside. 


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