Discover the trends of 2020

Inspiration for our vases

2020 is an important year, and it’s been a long time coming. The last time a year felt this good was the of the new millennium, a full two decades ago — and once again, we’ve caught a bug. Our new passion is for sustainability, fighting to maintain our values and reduce our impact on the planet. From the internet, to globalisation and city living, different issues affect how we live and see the world today. You might even call this the filter through which we view our lives.

Working with trend researchers, we’ve pulled together three styles for the year ahead that will influence how you look at flowers in your interior, which vases you will be buying and what roles your houseplants will take on. Read on to discover 2020's three key trends.

Inner Retreat Trend

Inner Retreat

We have to do so much nowadays: have a successful career, shine as a parent or partner (or both), maintain a social life, keep fit, eat healthily, reach 10,000 followers on Instagram - and on top of all that, there’s the household chores.

Our performance-obsessed society has set the bar high, with the result that we often feel overstimulated and don’t know where to turn to next. However much we complain about the pressure, we still can’t tune it out, so how do we restore the balance? This question is at the heart of the Inner Retreat trend, all about hyper-personal attention and destimulation. 


Inclusive Culture

Despite globalisation and the possibilities of modern technology, our view of the world seems to be getting ever narrower. Smart algorithms show us more of what we like, with the result that we end up in a bubble, our tastes pigeonholed.

To fight back, we need a more realistic view of the world, in all its colours, smells, opinions, influences, generations and cultures. Goodbye bubble, discover the new Inclusive Culture.


City Life

We’re tired of perfect filters, had enough of strict rules and stereotypes. We’re smashing cultural norms and glass ceilings, making more noise than ever.

Empowered, we take to the streets, seeking freedom, authenticity, and raw imperfection. The power for change comes from the unconventional, experimental and high contrast urban environment. Do you live City Life?