DIY: ankle bracelet made from flowers and plants

An unusual piece of transient jewellery

If your legs have been nicely bronzed by the sun, show them off with short jeans, a jaunty floral dress or a classic circle skirt. Combine this with some pretty mules, sneakers or classic pumps. Just make sure you keep your ankles free for a lovely ankle bracelet made from flowers and plants! 

Ankle bracelet

You will need

  • Your favourite flowers (we have used Alstroemeria) 
  • Green leaves (we have used Eucalyptus leaf)
  • String 

How to make it

Don’t struggle too hard for perfection: after all, you will only be wearing this ankle bracelet once. Wrap the string loosely around your ankle twice. Wrap the (Eucalyptus) leaf around it and interweave it with the string, then secure the string around your ankle with a knot. Insert the flowers’ stems over the top, and you’re finished. 

Enkelband bloemen

Enkelband bloemenEnkelband bloemenEnkelband bloemen

Also beautiful

If you want to go the whole hog, you could also make a colourful botanical crown to wear on your head or a flower armband.