DIY: bottle vase with exciting nail varnish patterns

Leave your nails bare for the coolest vases!
Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

There was a time when you just used nail varnish to varnish your nailsand perhaps you also used it to fix a hole in your tights. Now, we’ll be opting for bare nails and ladders down to our ankles becausenail varnish is vase varnish! Raid your own make-up bag or that of your mother or girlfriend for the brightest colours and create some fantastic bottle vases.  

You will need

  • A well-ventilated room (or go outside)
  • Fantastic flowers (we’re using alstroemerias)
  • A bucket of water
  • An empty (wine) bottle
  • Various colours of nail varnish

Alstroemeria Mooiwatbloemendoen Nagellak DIY

How to make it:

Step 1

Spend some time finding the most attractive and most fun varnish colours and combinations. Once you’ve gathered the perfect collection the party can begin. Pour thin lines of nail vanish onto the water in the bucket. Be quite speedy, because the varnish dries pretty quickly.

Alstroemeria Mooiwatbloemendoen Nagellak DIY

Step 2

Immerse the bottle in the water down to the depth where you want to have the design. 

Alstroemeria Mooiwatbloemendoen Nagellak DIY

Step 3

Pull the bottle out and leave it to dry. It’s easiest to place the bottle upside down on a stick until it’s dry. Job done! Fill the bottle with water and place the fantastic alstroemerias in it.

Endless combinations

It’s fun to combine this bottle vase with the bottle vases with paper and fabric! Create some brilliant combinations!