DIY: freesia perfume

Eau de freesia for in your home or on your skin
Estimated reading time: 1 minute

You’re probably familiar with rosewater, but you can just as easily make a delectable perfume with another beautifully scented flower: the freesia of course! Create your own Freesia No. 5 for use in your living room. Let everyone enjoy your mist with a twist that’s wonderfully simple to make.  Let us tell you how…


You will need

  • Unsprayed strongly scented flowers (we chose freesias)
  • Boiling water
  • Two bowls which are easy to pour
  • Coffee filter or sieve
  • Attractive glass bottle for storing the freesia water in, preferably with an atomiser
  • Possibly a label

Get to work

Pick the petals off the flower, cut into small pieces and place them in one of the bowls. Pour over boiling water and ensure that the petals remain submerged. Leave this mixture to stand for at least half an hour. Then pour it through the coffee filter into the other bowl. If you’re very impatient, you can give it a helping hand by squeezing the filter.

You can also pour it through a sieve to remove the petals and bits. Decant the perfume into the glass bottle, and that’s it! Create a nice label showing the date. Your houseperfume will last two weeks if you keep it in the fridge.